Threads, Twitter’s New Rival, Achieves 23 Million Signups Overnight


Threads, the Twitter competitor backed by Mark Zuckerberg, has officially launched and is off to a promising start. As per a Thread post by Zuckerberg on Wednesday night, the new platform amassed over 10 million users within the first 7 hours of its availability.

Threads’ Rapid User Growth

By Thursday morning, the number of users had surged to 23 million, as indicated by Instagram badges (Instagram users receive a badge when they sign up for Threads). Although this figure is significantly lower than Instagram’s 1.3 billion active users and Twitter’s 335 million active users, it represents a strong starting point.

Threads: A Potential Successful Twitter Rival

Several platforms have attempted to create a successful Twitter rival, but none have yet succeeded. However, with growing frustrations with Twitter and decisions made by its owner Elon Musk, the timing seems perfect for another service to become “the next Twitter.”

Threads’ Advantage: Instagram’s User Base

Threads has a significant advantage as it is essentially a spinoff of Instagram. Instead of starting from zero, it has a built-in user base that is several billion people strong. To mark the occasion, Zuckerberg posted his first Tweet since 2012 — the Spiderman pointing at Spiderman meme, intended as a subtle jab at his competition and the similarities between the two platforms.

Threads’ Initial Challenges

Threads is experiencing some initial challenges. Currently, there is no option to simply see a chronological feed of the people you follow. Instead, the algorithm presents posts from people it thinks you want to see based on who you follow. Other limitations include the lack of post editing, hashtags, direct messaging, easy switching between multiple accounts, and availability in Europe. Furthermore, full use of the platform on a web browser is not possible at the moment.

Threads’ Future: User Feedback is Key

Despite these early issues, users seem to be interested in Threads. However, signing up to secure an account name is different from actively using the service. Whether people continue to actively use the service is the question at hand. If Zuckerberg adopts a stance of listening to users and responding to their needs, Threads may be well-positioned for success.

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